5 Tips on Coping with Being Over 50 Unemployed and Depressed

Unemployment doesn’t just have a financial strain on a person – it impacts just about every facet of a person’s life, from their emotional well being to their relationships. Learning how to cope with being over 50 unemployed and depressed can help a person deal more effectively with these knock-on effects and potentially assist them back onto the road to […]

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Focus Remains on Retirement Instead of Training for Over 50s

Focus Remains on Retirement, Instead of Training for Over 50s

It seems that even though over 50s are still as vibrant and determined in the work place as they have ever been, companies are more set on planning their retirement than their future within their organizations. A research study was recently conducted to see whether over 50s are being managed effectively within the workplace, and it seems that there is […]

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