Over Fifties Online Dating

Over Fifties Online Dating

Over Fifties Online Dating

What Took over 50’s So Long to Get Into Online Dating? It has taken a while for them to catch up, but people over 50 are finally getting into the online dating scene along with the rest of the world.

The concept of online dating itself took a while for everyone to get used to. It took people a while to get out of their normal dating routine and realize the possibilities of finding a date online. They could customize their search for a date like never before and it allowed them more control over their dating experience.

When it finally became a popular method for people to date; people over fifty were left scratching their heads, wondering what the fuss was all about. The minds of our younger generation were developed around this technology so they embraced the expansion of internet socializing in every way.

It wasn’t until the technology became easier to manage and cheaper to get that singles over 50 finally started realizing what online dating could do for them in their later years.

The Influence of Social Networking on Over Fifties Online Dating

In the past few years; the number of seniors online has tripled and there seems no end in sight to its growth. Each year sees a larger growth than the year before. Facebook, the king of all social networking sites, reported in 2014 that people over 50 were their fastest growing demographic.

Thank to sites like Facebook; seniors can get into social networking along with everyone else and connect with old friends and loved ones. It also serves to help them become more comfortable with socializing online.

Once they got used to using social networking sites; seniors started branching out to popular dating sites like Match.com, eHarmony and Zoosk. These sites are very popular across many demographics and cater to singles who are barely 18 all way up to 50 and older.

Match was once the place to go for singles of all ages, but younger sites like Zoosk have an amazing search engine and a reputation for having a high percentage of attractive users and draw more and more people over 50 to their site each year.

Online Dating Sites Exclusive to Singles over Fifty

Mainstream dating sites can be a great place for single seniors Over Fifties Online Datingto find dates, but many seniors choose to go to dating sites that are more exclusive to people their age. Sites like this who cater to the niche of older people provide a senior-friendly environment and concentrate on things that they care about.

Sites like OurTime simplify the online dating process making it easier for seniors to connect that are not that computer savvy. The site HowAboutWe.com recently partnered with AARP to develop a senior version of their site that allows people over fifty to post proposed dates and other seniors can choose to accompany them.

An increasing number of sites like this are popping up all over the internet to meet the demand of the growing population of single seniors in the online community

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  1. I have used Match in the past, although it’s been a while. Some online dating sites seem to be meat markets, and those geared toward younger users often turn into hook up sites, which is usually not what those over 50 are looking for, so I think it’s wise to choose one or more specific to what you’re hoping to find. When and if I join another online dating site, I will possibly check out Match again, but will also look into those geared for those over 50, to see what they’re like. I like the idea of posting proposed dates, and seeing what happens, because that could cut back on the respondents with different interests.

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