Over 50 Online Dating – Tips For Success

Over 50 Online Dating – Tips For Success

 Over 50 Online Dating

While some of the old apprehensions about online dating might still be around, these days, more and more people are finding love through the power of the internet.

In fact 20% of new relationships now have some of their origins online, which probably explains why over 50 online dating has become such a popular phenomenon over the past few years, and why there are no signs of this industry slowing down any time soon.

What’s Over 50 Online dating all About?

Most newcomers to the world of over fifties online dating have the same apprehensions about dipping their toes into the proverbial dating pool as their younger counterparts.

Questions such as “will I like what I find?” and “will people look at me differently for looking for love online” are usually some of the first questions posed by newcomers, and while these questions still apply to those over 50, for newcomers within this age category, online dating is a very unique experience.

Jumping Back on the Horse

According to research, what motivates older individuals to sign up for over 50 online dating tends to stem from a place closer to home – their children.

Without the encouragement and support of their children, many prospective dating candidates would never have ventured into this unknown territory, and if the number of people who have found love online is any measure of success, this might have been to their own detriment.

Over Fifties Online Dating


What Makes You Different

With more and more people of all age groups, backgrounds and creeds joining the online dating pool, it is getting easier for like-minded people to find each other and stand the chance of igniting a romantic spark.

While those taking part in over fifties online dating are joining millions of younger hopefuls in the search for love, they are very unique in their own right.

For one thing, when surveyed, most individuals over 50 stated that they were looking for “companionship”, rather than something more romantic, although when romance comes knocking, it might be difficult for anyone to turn their back on it.

Furthermore, people in their 50’s tend to come with their own family units, ex-spouses and elderly parents, which add to the complexity of their personal situations.

 Over Fifties Online dating Is Fine

While things might look quite different for those in the over 50s dating pool, proverbial swimmers should remember that some things never change.

When surveyed, both men and women admitted to “tweaking” the numbers when it came to their age in an attempt to appear younger.

One of the most common complaints of men and women partaking in over 50 online dating is that the other party attempted to become too serious, too fast.

Dating can be a complicated, yet exhilarating past time, and the internet is simply bringing the dating pool right to each and everyone’s door.

Currently, there is a £3.4 billion industry being fuelled by those looking for love online and those over fifty simply have to do one thing to get their own piece of the pie – log on.

2 thoughts on “Over 50 Online Dating – Tips For Success

  1. I know of many people who have met online. I have met past partners online, as well, but at the time, I was in my 30s and 40s. I think many in their 50s have a different agenda in mind when looking for a potential partner, so it could be a good thing to utilize a dating site specifically designed for those of that age. I agree, many in their 50s are looking for companionship rather than romance, but there are still some looking for a bit of a spark to go along with the companionship. It’s more socially acceptable these days to find love or companionship online, and it could be an easier transition into the dating scene for those who find themselves newly single.

  2. I think that meeting people online is a very modern phenomenon, but one that certainly shouldn’t be ignored, as we have to move with the times. Also, lots of people think that if you’re single after 50 that’s it – but this is absolutely NOT the case. There is so much of life left – many people aren’t even half way through their life at this point, so they should certainly be making the most of everything available to them and giving online dating a go!

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