Tips For dating In Your 50s

Tips For dating In Your 50s

It doesn’t matter how old you are, dating can be both a daunting and thrilling experience. While the experience itself remains the same, the finer details of dating in your 20s and 50 year olds dating often look very different.

Be Prepared for Disappointment

50 year olds who are dating again after being divorced or widowed, might have dreams of meeting someone great and quickly settling down again.  However it is important to remember that disappointment comes along more often than success within the dating world!

Disappointment shouldn’t be something that dissuades you from looking for someone special, and it won’t be, as long as you are willing to accept that it is going to happen every now and again.

Within the dating world, you need to be ready to bounce back and grab every opportunity you can – that is what will raise your chances of meeting that one-in-a-million type of person.

Make Your Intentions Known

Very often, people lose out on opportunities to date each other because they don’t make their intentions known. You might think that you are making it blatantly obvious that you are interested in someone by the inflection in your words and the way you flutter your eyelids at another person, but the truth is that this doesn’t always work.

If you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to date someone great, you need to be willing to put yourself out there and make it known to them.

Yes, this might put you in a vulnerable position, and in some cases, you might experience rejection, but ultimately, wouldn’t that be worthwhile to stand the chance of making a dating in your 50sreally great connection?

Just Be Yourself

It doesn’t matter what age you are, dating advice doesn’t change all that much.

One of the most important pieces of advice that you can give to 50 year olds dating is for them to be themselves.

Be honest, kind and remember, the other person is likely experiencing many of the same anxieties, worries, hopes and dreams as you, so regardless of whether you want to pursue a relationship or not, treat them the same way you would like to be treated.

Leave the Past Behind

One of the differences between 50 year olds dating and 20 year olds dating is that the former tend to come with 30 more years of baggage, and not everyone is willing to leave the past in the past.

If you were to go on a date with someone, you don’t want them speaking about their ex partners, bad experiences and even their immediate families the entire night, so why do the same to them?

Everyone has some baggage that they bring to new relationships, but you don’t need to hand everything to a potential partner the moment you meet.

Jump in with Both Feet

They call dating a “game”, and in order to play it, you need to know the rules.

For anyone who is 50 or over and trying to get back into the world of dating, sometimes you simply need to just take a deep breath and jump in with both feet. Hope you enjoyed some of these tips and good luck!

2 thoughts on “Tips For dating In Your 50s

  1. I’ve been married over 30 years so I can’t imagine what it would be like to go out on a legitimate matchmaking date again. It would be out of the ordinary. Though I normally can say that I haven’t had much thought about it, as I get along I wonder what I would do if Frank passed away. I would be on my own as we have no children. It would be difficult to move to someone so new and strange after so long with one person. I would probably have a lot of baggage and emotional ties to get back in the water. I don’t know how so many can confidently do it.

  2. I’m single, and finding that even tho I am not quite 50 yet it’s different going through the dating scene now. My first divorce was mid 20’s and I breezed right past it, now second time around mid 40’s, well not as easy is a understatement. I guess we are creatures of habit we don’t change easily and at this age men do not change their way’s. If they are single it’s rare but they are very used to the bachelor life they are living, and they don’t like changes at all. Makes it a bit more difficult to find the balance in a relationship or friendship for that matter,between the opposite sexes at this point in life.

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